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Aitiip has just incorporated a new material to its industrial 3D printing workshop, the new Nylon 12CF. This thermoplastic, reinforced with 35% carbon fibre, has excellent structural properties, being the more stiff thermoplastic and one of the more resistant available for FDM technology.

COMPOSIFORUM 2018 is the second industrial forum about composite and its applications, organised by the Aitiip Chair of University of Zaragoza. In this second edition key note speakers will attend, along with top enterpresises like Acciona Infraestructuras, IDEC, Airbus, MTorres, MIT, National Center for Composites (UK), FIDAMC, CDTI, Aitiip Centro Tecnológico…

Hispack, which attracts 800 direct exhibitors, is the Spanish biggest fair about packaging and it deals with the materials, technology, processes, logistics and solutions for manufacturing and the use of all types of packaging and containers for all industrial sectors and mass consumption markets - not just food.

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