Innovative thermoplastic Flange Wheel for future aeronautics
INNovative thermoplastic transformation processes to produce a flange wheel in PAEK reinforced with short fibres


Production will be carried out by injection molding.


End of life parts & production scraps will be recovered for the production of other parts.


The characteristics of thermoplastics will reduce the Flange Wheel’s weight.


The whole flange Wheel will be manufactured in one single step.

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What - Developing a new Flange Wheel for aeronautics

INN-PAEK aims to demonstrate the technical, environmental and economic feasibility of manufacturing a thermoplastic Flange Wheel. INN-PAEK will substitute in an innovative way the classical flange wheel manufacturing processes for a near-net-shape cost efficient and easy to implement mold-supported processes such as advanced injection molding. In that sense, the main INN-PAEK objectives are:

O1 Select the material that meets all the requirements defined by the Topic Leader.

O2 Develop the mold and tools for the manufacturing process.

O3 Demonstrate the feasibility of the production while capturing data to feed the machine learning process.

O4 Assess the environmental and economic impact of the final product.

Why - The INN-PAEK eco-friendly Flange Wheel

The INN-PAEK Project expects to achieve several inputs along these years, in order to succeed in stating a more sustainable (eco-friendly) production system for the aviation industry.

IMPACT 1 Adapt future aeronautic parts for free design and customization with High Performance Polymers.

IMPACT 2 Adjust thermoplastic formulations for reaching feasibility for the transformation process.

IMPACT 3 Modify the material to hold extreme temperatures and chemicals.

IMPACT 4 Improve sound absorption capabilities alongside the engineering practices.

IMPACT 5 Reaching 40% of weight reduction by introducing new materials.

IMPACT 6 Validate and optimize new formulations and models of the product.

IMPACT 7 Reduce the final cost by 30% applying new manufacturing procesess.

IMPACT 8 Decrease the carbon footprint with replication of “eco-friendly practices”.

This project has received funding from the Clean Sky 2 Joint Undertaking under the European Union’s Horizon 2020 research and innovation programme under grant agreement Nº 101007865
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