P.I. Empresarium C/Romero Nº12, 50720 Cartuja Baja, Zaragoza (España)
+34 976 46 45 44

Efficient production

We develop new thermoplastic and thermoset processing oriented to customized productions and from unit product to series of all sizes.

Operations and production control

Development of 6DoF real-time control software for machines and tooling and correction of dynamic errors (less than 0.3 mm) and static (50 microns) in large dimensions as well as data acquisition, storage and management (Cloud Data Storage possibility) oriented to Industry 4.0.

Production systems

Conceptualization and development of systems for high quality controlled finishing processes through the use of industrial robots: automated finishing, drilling and polishing with controlled roughness and high precision as well as hybrid manufacturing processes (additive-3D printing+ subtractive) with plastic and metal materials as well as multimaterial metal + plastic.

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I am Jose Antonio Dieste, director of production and efficient control area.