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Materials on demand

We can manufacture materials on demand to fulfill any requirement.

Materials on demand

We make formulations of materials on demand. We specialize in high performance thermoplastics (PEEK, PPS ...), biomaterials (PLA, PHA, PHB), nanoadditives (graphene, sepiolites, carbon nanotubes, antimicrobials, nanoplatelets, nanofibers ...) and other particles as well as the combination of materials with additives to achieve the desired functions.


We work with thermoplastic and thermoset materials as well as fibers and fabrics of diverse nature to be processed by: liquid resin impregnation (LRI), resin transfer molding (RTM) as well as new processes.


We analyze the properties of thermoplastic and thermostable materials developed by rheology (capillary rheometer), as well as mechanical characterization (traction, flexion and compression) and other technologies with our network of external services.

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In Aitiip we can develop this plastic material that can add value to your product.

I am Pere Castell, responsible for the development of materials and nanomaterials.