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Design and engineering

The first step to realize your projects, from the conception and design.


We collaborate effectively in the development of your product from the concept and optimize it according to its manufacturing process (injection, blowing, 3D printing, thermoforming ...).

Metrology and reverse engineering

Different technologies of metrology and digitization allow us to measure any part by any size and process the captured information to perform from dimensional reports to 3D reproductions of the original piece.


Aitiip is certified to offer maximum confidence in the quality of its products in any of the development stages. We have the quality systems EN 9100, ISO 9001 y ISO 14001 (Environment)


We predict virtually the plastic behavior during the processing (injection or blowing) in order to optimize the factors that will decisively influence the quality of the resulting product. We evaluate the behavior of the transformed products, under mechanical and thermal loads in order to guarantee the stability of the product throughout its shell life.

Molds and tools

A manufacturing department trained with the latest technologies in machining processes, advanced CAD, CAM, CAE software and a 20 year experience working in the plastic sector. These are our signs that provide our customers with added value in the study, design and manufacture of plastic injection, blow molding or thermoforming molds, as well as the toolings needed for any industrial process. And always fulfilling all the requirements of the customer.

Do you have any doubt?

In Aitiip we can help you to design and simulate your product from concept to manufacture.

I am David Roba, director of product design and engineering department.