P.I. Empresarium C/Romero Nº12, 50720 Cartuja Baja, Zaragoza (España)
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Innovative solutions

Cutting-edge tools and services fully adapted to your needs.

Industry 4.0

Completely immersed in the research and development of new enabling technologies - KETs - for factories of the future: machine - man interconnection for monitoring and decision making as well as new flexible and precise processes of design, manufacture and management.

Smart products and applications

Aitiip has the ability to develop software tools in conjunction with hardware (ICT technologies) to meet the needs of processes that are not commercially available. We also develop software for mobile environments based on Android and dynamic webs.

Online Learning

We design, develop, implement and manage online learning platforms and their content in an attractive and educational way.

Do you have any doubt?

In Aitiip we can help you to obtain new financing opportunities for this project.

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I am Berta Gonzalvo, director of research, development and innovation.