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Berta Gonzalvo of Aitiip, spoke of the challenges, barriers and opportunities of this technology in European industry.

ESIC business school has been the scene of a meeting of professionals and technologists framed in the European Marker Week, promoted by the European Commission. The Conference on the Ecosystem Marker has collected topics such as computing, sensors, hardware free platforms and 3D printing among others.

About 3D printing, Berta Gonzalvo, research director Aitiip Technology Center, talked about to implement this technology in European industries. According to Berta Gonzalvo, implementation techniques 3D printing in industry currently presents many opportunities, and also a barriers to overcome.

Aitiip Technology Center, within a future investment by applying this technology has several 3D printing technologies, the world 's most accurate and higher unit manufactures parts including. Its a plications allow the development of parts for the automotive industry and aeronautics among many others.

The last experience developed by Aitiip in the field of additive manufacturing 3D printers, has been developing a prototype model of a motorcycle actual size. 

Impresion 3D ecosistema marker

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