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Motocicleta 3D

A prototype developed by EUPTBikes team (Universidad de Zaragoza) has won the competition and several awards, in the contest celebrated in Motorland (Aragón, Spain) last weekend. Besides an innovative design, the motorcycle have demonstrated an extraordinary efficiency. The motorcycle obtained the best punctuation during the free practice, the second ones in the official race, thanks to a top speed of 175,3 km/h.

These special characteristics have awarded the best design price, the second price in dynamic tests and the best electric motorcycle of the contest.

All the elements of the motorcycle, structural and secondary parts, have been fabricated with 3D plastic material (Ultem 9085), the same material that is used also to fabricate aeronautic and automotive parts, in Aitiip Technology Centre facilities. This is the first motorcycle that has been fabricated with 3D printing technology. The design and the materials of the pieces have allowed engineers unmount the motorcycle fairing in just 11 seconds and to change the batteries in 5 seconds, without turning off the motorcycle.

Aitiip Techonology Centre has collaborated with Universidad de Zaragoza team in the design and manufacturing of the prototype in the frame of its development of 3D printing and R&D activities in automotive, aeronautic and packaging activities.

MotoStudent 2016 is a contest where 52 university teams of different universities from around the world. 


Structural parts created within 3D technologies: chassis, swingarm and subchasis. Secondary parts. Secondary parts created through 3D printing: footpegs and motorcycle dashboard support, pan motorcycle battery.

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