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A 3D printing room that manufactures cutting-edge parts in different metal alloys

Metal 3D printing is gaining momentum at Aitiip with the opening of new spaces adapted to the work requirements of this type of technology. Aluminum, steel and even titanium are now available in the portfolio of solutions offered by Aitiip 3D, the additive manufacturing hall that recently opened its doors at the technology center.

Aitiip 3D

After more than 20 years printing in metal, the addition of a second laser sintering machine has meant a breakthrough in both the center's production and research capabilities. With two 400 lasers capable of working simultaneously, and with a work ecosystem fully adapted to the workflows required by this type of printing, Aitiip is consolidated as one of the agents of reference and high specialization in additive manufacturing, launching to the market its spin off AM3D Métalica.

SLM, SLS, MJF, FDM, SLA, Polyjet, LSPc... Acronyms in 3D technologies that are not used to see coexisting under the same roof, but that Aitiip has included within its capabilities, becoming the most versatile option in Europe to undertake projects at the forefront of 3D manufacturing. Versatility that guarantees efficiency and effectiveness in providing solutions to the industry of the present and the future.

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