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A bionic arm manufactured at Aitiip 3D printing workshop

This week it have presented the bionic arm that we have developed collaborating with an initiative of the Association of Amputee People or with Agenesias de Aragón (ADAMPI). This arm is developed for Alberto Garcia, a Zaragoza youngster 14 years old who was born with an agenesis (a congenital malformation). 

3D printing

The design was carried out by the training center Grupo San Valero, which was based on a free bionic arm available on the internet. The educational team defined the electronic part, the articulation of motors and sensors as well as the configuration of the batteries.

"At Aitiip we take care of the manufacture of the arm, in ABS material through FDM technology. We make several production series, taking care of the modifications and adjustments of the design. In total the arm is composed of more than 50 pieces that took us to build a total of 48 hours."

Guillermo Vicente, responsible for the 3D Printing Area at Aitiip.

Other organizations that have collaborated are Orpifa and Makeroni Labs. Among all the team it has been possible to manufacture the arm, which read the electromagnetic impulses of the nerves and transform them in movements of the different joints. Specifically the arm can perform three movements with the fingers, like pinching, opening and closing three fingers, as well as moving the index finger.

bionic arm

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