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Aitiip Technological Centre collaborate with EUPT BIKES team, who is participating in the international competition MotoStudent IV Electric. Aitiip role is 3D printing of the motorbike prototype that will be presented and driven through the circuit.

The team, composed by Escuela Universitaria Politécnica de Teruel students, have designed an electric motorbike that will be fabricated and will be driven in the competition Motostudent 2015-2016. This motorbike have a novel design, and to assure that prototype was designed with exact measures and dimensions, before manufacturing the real motorbike, a mock-up was decided to be constructed at a scale 1:1. The objective is to avoid time in modifications and adjustments.

“We did a research on the 3D printer market, focusing on that printers that are able to fabricate such big pieces. It was Stratasys Fortus 900MC the one that highlighted the most because of its possibilities. Then we looked for a company with this printer and it was Aitiip the one who showed up” said Carlos Valenzuela, member of EUPT BIKES team.

“We are very happy with technical assistance provided by Guillermo Vicente (3D printing manager), and also with the prototypes. The quality is excellent!”.

Stratasys Fortus 900MC can fabricate very big parts. It is in fact the bigger industrial 3D printer. The swinging arm, of 680 x 290 x 205 mm size, was fabricated in one shot in less than 100 hours. But this is not the biggest piece, as the printer can fabricate pieces until 914 x 610 x 914 mm.

Fotografía del basculante

Ilustration 1: The motorbike swinging arm

The competition

This year, and for the first time, there is a new competition category, addressed to electrical motorbikes, where EUPT BIKES team is participating. This kind of motorbikes represent a new technological challenge for all. For instance, a new controller for the engine must be developed, as well as the batteries management system.

Motostudent is an international university competition, organised by Moto Engineering Foundation and Technopark MotorLand (Aragón) and this is the 4th edition. The objective of this competition is to design, fabricate and evaluate different prototypes of racing motorbikes, which finally will compete in the MotorLand race circuit. There are two different categories, one based on gasoline, another one is the electrical.

Tren Trasero Moto

Aitiip Technology Centre

Aitiip is a technology centre very well known in Europe, as it cover all the plastic production value chain, from mould design to injection or 3D printing. From its very beginning, the entity have been linked to the automotive sector.

We wish good luck to EUPT BIKES team!


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