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Aitiip adds carbon fibre to 3Dprinting thanks to Stratasys

Aitiip has just incorporated a new material to its industrial 3D printing workshop, the new Nylon 12CF. This thermoplastic, reinforced with 35% carbon fibre, has excellent structural properties, being the more stiff thermoplastic and one of the more resistant available for FDM technology.

The manufactured pieces have the strongest resistance to flexion that can be reached through 3D printing. Another characteristic of these pieces is that they bear machining like no other material, returning good surface results.

“This innovative material is very appropriate for tooling pieces, as its stiffness and strength characteristics makes’ it one of the best materials for this purpose. Now we can produce tools with a with a more efficient relation between stiffens and weight and we can also substitute metallic tools manufactured by conventional machining by 3Dprinted carbon fibre tools”

Guillermo Vicente, head of 3D printing, Aitiip Technology Centre

The first pieces of this materials are being used in a well-known automotive company, with very positive results.

“This new material puts together highly mechanical requirements and 3Dprinting strengths, like speed and adaptability”

Guillermo Vicente, head of 3D printing, Aitiip Technology Centre

Aitiip Technology Centre has one of the more complete 3Dprinting workshops in Europe, with a broad range of available plastic materials, as reinforced with continuous fibre (glass, carbon or Kevlar), metallic and, finally, biomaterials. These materials can be processed with different technologies as FDM and FFF, SLS, Laser Cusing, Polyjet and metallisation.

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