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Aitiip manufactures by FDM parts for VisionTrack's competitor bike in Motorland 2022

Aitiip has accompanied Vision Track Racing Team in the Motorcycle World Championship in Gran Premio Animoca Brands de Aragón 2022, in Motorland.

The technology centre has participated in the manufacture, using FDM technology, of several parts of the British team's competitor bike in the Moto3 category, as well as providing advice on the design and manufacture of these elements by 3D printing. In this way, Aitiip adds to its porfolio its capabilities in advanced processes, incorporated within its activity as strategic production models.

Vision Track Racing Team - GP Aragón 2022

In this line, the technology centre has the largest and most precise multi-material printing machine in the world, with which it has created large parts for key sectors such as aeronautics and the automotive industry. With this machine, which combines the technical capabilities necessary to carry out metallic and non-metallic printing, it has been able to manufacture, for example, a section of the wing of an aeroplane, a prototype car, or even the first printed electric motorbike used in a competition.

This innovation was selected as one of the twenty-four most innovative milestones in the framework of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish Constitution. In addition, Aitiip will provide technical assistance for the design and manufacture of these 3D printed elements.

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