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Aitiip officially joins AEMAC, the Spanish Composite Materials Association

The Aitiip Technology Centre seals its commitment to innovation and the development of advanced materials and processes after joining the Spanish Association of Composite Materials (AEMAC). A non-profit organisation that has been active for thirty years, and which brings together companies, research centres, universities and professionals from the composite materials sector. 


Aitiip's research director, Berta Gonzalvo, says that the team is "very excited" to participate actively in AEMAC, and thus exploit new strategies in materials science, promoting synergies between partners and international organizations linked to this field of work, which plays a leading role in terms of multisectoral industrial applicability.

Composites, due to their high performance, make up a range of materials widely used in key industries such as construction, transport, aerospace, military and energy. For some time now, new lines of research have emerged in the recycling of composites, in which Aitiip is deeply involved. In this sense, the technology centre is leading different circular projects, through which it is developing revolutionary technologies for the recovery and reuse of the matrices of composite plastic materials, such as carbon fibre or resins, which until now have not been recyclable. This is the case of the HELACSBIZENTE, or VIBES, projects, limited to the strategic sectors of aviation, energy or construction.

With this innovative background of more than three decades, Aitiip offers innovative solutions focused on the plastic value chain, establishing sustainable development paradigms: biomaterials, additive manufacturing, efficient manufacturing processes and eco-design. In Gonzalvo's words, Aitiip is able to "provide circular technologies, sustainable products and training services to any key player in the plastics value chain, fostering smart digitalisation and bio-based circular models for a resilient and inclusive European society".


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