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Aitiip opening day to dozens of companies to transfer its expertise in industrial R & D

This November, Aitiip hosted at its facilities the DUO Industrial Open Innovation conference, organized by Horizonte Factoría, the Industrial Open Innovation Lab of Grupo Init and BStartup of Banco Sabadell. Dozens of representatives of the industrial fabric have participated in this business meeting on Industry 4.0, Circular Economy and Sustainability, to learn more about the work of technology centers of reference at national and international level. Aitiip, through its director of Business Development, Pablo Murillo, has offered a masterclass on its expertise in advanced processes, opening the doors of the new 3D laboratory, from which the technology center covers in a versatile way the current needs in final products of SMEs and large companies, beyond prototyping. 

 DUO Industrial Open Innovation conference

The attendees also had the opportunity to discover with José Miguel Fernandez, Project Manager of the technology center, the wide range of projects led by Aitiip in the field of green and digital transition, the development of new materials, recycling technologies, advanced industrial processes and next-generation robotics. The day concluded with a networking session, where companies were able to connect to generate synergies, exchange knowledge and experiences, and chart new joint routes that place innovation at the core of their business strategies.

DUO Industrial Open Innovation conference DUO Industrial Open Innovation conference


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