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Aitiip opens its doors to dozens of Aragonese managers to showcase its industrial expertise

This year 2024, Directivas Aragón launches a new activity: visits to entities and centers of reference in the region. And it has done so with a tour of Aitiip Technology Center, thanks to which dozens of executive members have had the opportunity to learn more about the work carried out by the Aitiip team at national and international level in the transformation of plastics and development of advanced materials and technologies, as well as 3D printing.

Visita Directivas Aragón

Led by Aitiip’s research director, Berta Gonzalvo, and the scientists and technologists of the center, the group of directors has traveled to the facilities of Aitiip to hold an interesting networking session to discuss the present and future of the industry, and to approach the lines of R+D+i that the technology center has been leading for decades.

Directivas de Aragón is the association that works as an engine of change for the Aragonese society, with the aim of achieving equal opportunities in management, making visible and promoting women's access to positions of responsibility in companies and institutions. Today, it brings together more than 250 members in Aragon.

Visita Directivas Aragón  Visita Directivas Aragón

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