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Aitiip provides 3D printing and injection molding training to researchers from Slovenia, Switzerland and Hungary

The IPPT-TWIN project consortium traveled to the Atiip Technology Center for an intensive week of technical conferences and transnational meetings.

The aim of this project is to help the Slovenian University of Polymer Technology (FTPO) to deepen its knowledge in the field of polymer processing. Over the course of five days, Aitiip experts provided special training for researchers to improve the skills and innovative potential of their teams, which will result in an increase in the number of scientific publications in high-impact journals.


Formación en impresión 3D y moldeo por inyección

Members of the consortium, which also included scientists from the Budapest University of Technology and the Institute of Materials Technology and Plastics Processing in Switzerland, were able to participate in two workshops. One was devoted to additive manufacturing as a strategy for improving economic and production efficiency. The second dealt with the latest trends in injection molding processes. Thus, participants had the opportunity to get an overview of 3D printing processes for polymers and metals and their trends in terms of cost-effectiveness and sustainability.

Formación en impresión 3D y moldeo por inyección

The seminar also included a visit to an additive laboratory and participation in the showroom of READI, a network of excellence in additive manufacturing, with presentations from various Spanish technology centers, round tables and events with companies in the sector. Through the second seminar, IPPT-TWIN participants learned about trends in injection molding, focusing on tooling design, and got a close look at Aitiip's most promising innovations, such as the INN-PAEK project. The participants also had the opportunity to visit Aitiip's production hall.

Formación en impresión 3D y moldeo por inyección

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