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Aitiip receives “Aragón Research” award within private entity category

This prize recognise our daily effort, commitment and excellence of the employees.

In the afternoon of November 29th, Ms María Teresa Gálvez Jaques, General Director for Research and Innovation of the Aragón Regional Government, has delivered to Aitiip Technology Centre the “Aragón Research” award within private entity category.

Aitiip is a technology centre, validated by the Spanish Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness, a private nonprofit foundation, which offers to enterprises and to the society advanced technology services; research, technology development and innovation and, finally, training. Aitiip patronage is compound by large companies as CEFA, BSH, Grupo Antolin, SMP, Conteneur, Faurecia, Miju and Zaragoza Chamber of Commerce.

Since the beginning, 20 years ago, the entity have been working in the plastic sector area, covering the whole production value chain. Aitiip is implied since the material formulation and moulds to final piece production. This is because Aitiip facilities are located in Zaragoza, where many companies are involved in the automotive sector.

Over time, the centre have increased the areas of intervention to other sector as transportation (aeronautics and railway), packaging and other industrial applications with a high demand on plastic and metal (home appliances, renewable energies, infrastructures).

Today Aitiip offers advanced technology services for product and processes engineering, mould and tooling development, 3D printing (with one of the biggest workshop in Europe), plastic transformation processes, composites and other auxiliary processes for industrialisation.

The centre pivot around two axis which articulate R&D activity. The first one is circular economy, in which different project about agrowaste valorisation, bioplastic and green composites are carried out.

Aragón Research award

An example could be the BARBARA project, coordinated by Aitiip. The aim of this project is to develop new bio-based materials with innovative functionalities through the incorporation of additives coming from bio-mass so that, by means of Fused Filament Fabrication (FFF), - the most widely spread technology for 3 D printing (or additive manufacturing) - prototypes with industrial applications can be obtained. These new materials must be based on food waste (from vegetables, fruits and nuts such as carrots, almonds or pomegranates) or agricultural by-products ( from corn) and must possess specific mechanical, thermal, aesthetical, optical and antimicrobial properties to make them suitable for their industrial use in components for two highly demanding sectors such as construction and automotive sectors.

The second line is focused in factories of the future, with different ongoing projects about 3D printing of big parts with very high precision, robotisation and multimaterial additive fabrication. 

An example of this second axis is Kraken Project which aim is to integrate manufacturing technologies to develop the most accurate and the biggest subtractive and additive device in the world.

The integration of Key Enabling Technologies (KETs), such as 3D printing, robotics, 7DoF (Degrees of Freedom) real time control, complex monitoring and advanced control algorithms, supported by an innovative CAM software, will make KRAKEN the largest 3D printer in the world, for metal and non metallic materials, printing high performance industrial products up to 20 meters long, with largely improved accuracy and quality of a final product.

Aitiip has a wide experience in European projects participation and coordination. At this moment, Aitiip participates in 8 European projects within the framework of H2020. Five of them are framed in the Biobased Industries JU public-private partnership, one in its counterpart “Factories of the Future” and finally two in the aeronautics research program CleanSky. Besides, Aitiip also participate in 3 Eureka projects, in cooperation with Korea and Latinamerica, 3 Life, 3 Erasmus+ and different national projects (4 Retos of Mineco, 2 CIEN and various CDTI’s PID).

Aitiip is a private entity which is focused in excellence on the fabrication processes, the efficiency of the resources and for a better society. Excellence, commitment and knowledge are depicted in the more than 200 technology services annually offered, so as 20 international research project (10 coordinated by Aitiip). In fact, large companies like Airbus, Fiat, Acciona and many SMEs decide to embark with us in such challenges.

All the staff express their gratitude for this award, which encourage us to keep working in the same line, with hope and responsibility for the good of the aragonese’ society with international impact.

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