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Aitiip receives in China the international QIA award for its innovations in chemical-enzymatic recycling technologies and bio-based materials

Aitiip Centro Tecnológico has been selected as winner of the Quality Innovation Award 2023 for its research lines in bio-based materials and chemical-enzymatic recycling technologies for the separation of complex plastics. This is a prestigious award that recognizes the best R&D&I lines at international level in different categories. The jury, which has evaluated more than 500 projects developed in 14 countries around the world, has awarded Aitiip the prize for "Innovation in circular economy and zero carbon footprint".

QIA 2024

Aitiip's research director, Berta Gonzalvo, has traveled to Zhuhai, China, to attend the awards ceremony on behalf of the entire team of the technology center, which was attended by hundreds of international representatives.

During the awards ceremony, Gonzalvo said she was "really moved" by the well-deserved recognition of the excellent team of people who make it possible for us to "develop innovative technological and scientific-technical activities on a daily basis". Addressing the audience, the research director wanted to dedicate the award to the entire team that makes up Aitiip Technology Center: "I am very fortunate to be able to work with the best people, providing solutions to the challenges of the industry and society of present and future. It is our encouragement to keep on making ideas".

QIA 2024

The QIA awards, which were born in Finland in 2007, start with a national phase in which the association of Centers Promoting Excellence, made up of public and private organizations from twelve autonomous communities, and after evaluating hundreds of candidatures, previously select the winners within the national territory that will compete in the international phase.

Bio-based materials and recycling technologies of the future

Plastic waste is one of the major threats to our ecosystems. Currently, the world production of plastics exceeds 350 million tons, with approximately 85% corresponding to the production of thermoplastics and 15% to the production of thermosets. These materials are found, for example, in large aeronautical structures, in the construction sector or even in the energy sector, which until now were difficult to recycle. Over the next few years, more than 12,000 aircraft and more than 3,000 wind turbine blades will reach the end of their useful life.

Aitiip Technology Center is working, within the framework of the BIZENTE and VIBES projects, on a circular approach that allows the valorization of composite materials and their components at all levels. From selective dismantling for reuse and remanufacturing in different sectors, to the development of new sustainable chemical and biological recycling technologies, where the aim is to recover high-value components to give them a second life.

Aitiip also leads different lines of development of advanced bio-based materials to create new ranges of plastic products with the capacity to be intrinsically recyclable or compostable. This is the case of the Revoluzion project, an initiative from which the technology center works with different formulations to design customized enzymes, which are then introduced into plastic products to make them biodegradable, both in controlled (composting) and uncontrolled (water, soil) degradation environments.



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