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Blade-Keeper, Technological Innovation for Preventing Fires Caused by Harvester cutting bars

To address seasonal challenges faced by Mediterranean countries, especially Spain, the Aitiip Technology Centre has developed a revolutionary solution to prevent fires caused by harvesters during the summer.

Historically, high temperatures, intense sun exposure, and low humidity have contributed to the spread of forest fires in our mountains and fields. The agricultural sector, aware of this issue, has implemented various preventive measures and actively collaborates in firefighting efforts when necessary.

The Aitiip Technology Centre, inspired by the idea of José Luis Díez, a farmer from Tortuera (Guadalajara), began developing a concept to prevent potential fires that can sometimes occur during harvesting. Nearly 30% of harvester-related fires originate from the cutting bar, according to studies conducted by the Mapfre Foundation in collaboration with the University of Zaragoza and the Public University of Navarra.

Blade-Keeper, innovación tecnológica para la prevención de incendios provocados por barras de corte.


The wear parts that protect the blades, usually made of metal, can indirectly generate sparks that trigger fires. Additionally, repeated impacts on these can misalign the system, increasing friction and generating high temperatures that can reach 400°C in just 15 minutes of operation in the cutting assembly.

The new technological development proposes an innovative design concept and hybrid materials, eliminating fire risks associated with wear and misalignment. These improvements significantly reduce the possibility of ignition and protect both the harvesters and the fields.

After four comprehensive testing campaigns, Blade-Keeper, the revolutionary system designed to prevent fires caused by cutting bars, has reached full maturity with a reliable design that reduces noise and limits risks.

Aitiip in collaboration with Moses Products, a leading company in the advanced materials sector, has launched Blade-Keeper on the market. Blade-Keeper is available in over 45 specialized establishments associated with the PROMODIS network in Spain.

More info: Blade-Keeper, Technological Innovation for Preventing Fires - Moses Productos

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