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The ATIIP chair at the University of Zaragoza organizes the first edition of the International Forum on Composite Materials COMPOSIFORUM 2016

COMPOSIFORUM 2016 will be held on July 16th, and will bring together renowned industrial and research actors on materials that offer wide opportunities for the transport, energy or building industries.

The main research and industrial actors in the field of composite materials will gather at the COMPOSIFORUM 2016 on the 6th of July 2016 on the first edition of the international forum organized by the AITIIP chair at the University of Zaragoza. The event, open to all free of charge, will be held for a whole day at the Auditorium of the University of Zaragoza. Participants will get first-hand knowledge on the main innovations and latest developments related to the formulation, development and usage of these ground-breaking materials, used in the transport industries (automotive, aeronautics, railway, land transport, etc.) as well as the energy and building industries, among others.

World-Renowned panellists in the field will lead the sessions, including:

Stephen W. Tsai, Professor Emeritus at the Department of Aeronautics and Astronautics at the University of Standford, (USA).

Brad Berkson, CEO of N12 Technologies, a nanotechnology company based in Massachusetts, (USA).

GerryBoyce, , founder of EPL in 1992, a company specialized in the design, development, trial and certification of composite materials and structures for energy, infrastructures and transport (UK).

LucRuys, Head of R&D at Centexbel, Centre of Scientific and Technical Research of the Belgian Textile Industry.

Ed de Jong, Vice-president for Development at Avantium Chemicals (The Netherlands).

Pere Castell, researcher and scientific managerat AITIIP, specialized in nanotechnology, (Spain).

Antonio Miravete, Tenured Professor at the University of Zaragoza and director of the AITIIP Chair (Spain).


Those attending the forum will receive a copy of the book entitled “Composite materials design and testing-unlocking mystery with invariants”, by Professor Stephen W. Tsai and José Daniel D. Melo. In the afternoon a visit to AITIIP facilities at the Empresarium Industrial Estate (Zaragoza) will take place.

AITIIP´s specialization on composite materials, key to the organization of the COMPOSIFORUM 2016

AITIIP is the promoter of the Chair AITIIP alongside the University of Zaragoza. COMPOSIFORUM 2016 will bring the specialization of AITIIP Technological Centre in the field of composite materials and their applications, as well as the scope as reference centre it has at the national, European and international level, to the public eye.

Thanks to the partnership between AITIIP and the University of Zaragoza, over 50 R&D projects have been conducted since 1995, and many graduate and undergraduate students have availed themselves of their facilities for their PhD theses and final year projects.

COMPOSIFORUM 2016 takes place in partnership with the Spanish Association for Composite Materials (AEMAC) and COMPOSITEAS. Founded in 1993, AEMAC is comprised of a group of companies, research centres, universities and professionals that develop activities related to composite materials. As for COMPOSITEAS, it is an alliance between AITIIP, a technological centre with a long track-record, and SISPRA, a company involved in innovation and development of new technologies and their transfer into industry (building, transport, aeronautics and space).

Both entities and their respective teams working alongside, with professionals with over ten years’ experience, make it possible to provide a wide range of services from design to final production, with a positive impact throughout the whole value chain. Among the services offered, we find design,simulators and prototyping; moulding and tooling; manufacturing of pieces, validation, test trials and industrial transfer; training and Research and Development and Innovation projects.

You can find further information about COMPOSIFORUM 2016, its agenda and panellists at: http://www.composiforum.com/

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