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KRAKEN final conference

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On 25 September 2019 the KRAKEN project will organise its final conference at the AITIIP facilities in Zaragoza (Spain). Those attending the event will have the opportunity to get acquainted with the latest hybrid and Additive Manufacturing technology for big parts and the main achievements of the KRAKEN project. Participants will also be able to see the KRAKEN machine in action.

KRAKEN final conference

The KRAKEN machine integrates both additive and subtractive manufacturing technologies and can produce multimaterial (metal, thermoset polymer or a combination of both) parts of up to 20m long with high accuracy and quality.

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On the previous day, 24 of September, another project working on hybrid manufacturing, LASIMM, will also organise its final event in Esquiroz (Navarra) which is a bit more than 150 km from Zaragoza. Further information on the LASIMM final event can be found here.

Kraken Open Day

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