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Resin 3D printing with Kraken system

In the framework of the Kraken Project, which is lead from Aitiip Technology Center, we have made some advances that we would like to show you. In this case and as you can see in the video, we have built a resin "cake" using 3D printing using the Kraken system.

The deposition rate that we have reached is of 2kg / min (being the maximum of the machine 4kg / min), and in the total duration of the process we get to deposit 25kg in 12 minutes, with a cord of 40mm x 15mm. This resin is a special polyurethane preparation made by our partner Alchemie, who has also additivated it with hollow glass microspheres to make the resin more resistant and lighter.

A future demonstrator of the project will be a Pininfarina mock-up design, at a scale of 1: 1. Obviously the construction will require a subsequent finishing process by machining, which the same system already has incorporated and is working. An example, on a smaller scale, is this little car that you can see.


Impresión 3D

The Kraken project

The Kraken Project, co-financed by the Horizon2020 program, aims to integrate different technologies such as 3D printing, robotics, 7DoF real-time control (7 degrees of freedom in movement), complex monitoring and advanced control algorithms, supported by software display. All in one machine.

This will make Kraken the world's largest subtractive and 3D printing system, capable of working on metallic and non-metallic materials, as well as working and producing pieces over 20 meters long, with excellent quality and results.


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