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Our R&D strategy is showcased as an example at a H2020 conference

Without the support of our collaborators, who have accompanied us along the innovation path, this would have been impossible.

The European Commission, together with the Spanish Center for Industrial Technological Development (CDTI) have organized the 10th conference of the Framework Program for Research and Innovation of the European Union in Spain. The event took place on November 20th in Toledo and was attended by more than 100 participants.

Framework Program for Research and Innovation of the European Union

The objective of this meeting was to analyze the participation of Spain in Horizon 2020 in order to draw conclusions that would allow Spanish entities to improve their participation in the calls for proposals of the last years of the Program. 

It has been with this intention that Berta Gonzalvo (research director at Aitiip Technological Center) has been invited to participate as a speaker at the round table "achievements and opportunities." In her speech Berta has highlighted how since 2011, when Aitiip faced its first coordinated European project, it has only grown in success and leadership.

Berta also stressed that "one of the lessons learned has been that the self-knowledge of your strengths helps you to focus on what has to be your goal, and to achieve it you can only do so through excellence and talent". Thanks to this, the center has managed to capture up to now € 5.6 million of funds from the H2020 program, positioning itself as one of the private entities with the highest success rate in some subprograms such as the BBI (Biobased Industries).

Berta Gonzalvo (research director at Aitiip Technological Center) Horizon 2020

In addition, in this conference, the entity has presented three posters on three European projects coordinated by the entity: Barbara project, Kraken project and WinBoxTool project. All these projects are related with advanced manufacturing and circular economy

The ultimate goal of the center's action is to help companies to overcome their technological challenges, generating new products and more efficient processes that contribute to economic growth and social sustainability.


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