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Aitiip participates actively in different national and internatinoal innovation forums

We render thanks to the industry and society for trusting Aitiip for the development of innovative solutions, products and processes.

In this last quarter we are participating in different events of national and international impact that we want to share with you, since you are the core of our activity.

The first one took place in Toledo (spain), where we participated as speakers in a conference on the H2020 program. The second leads us to the celebration of the 40th anniversary of the Spanish constitution, which is why the CDTI (Technological and Industrial Development Public Institution) organizes an exhibition on "Science and Technology" and has chosen the electric motorcycle manufactured by 3D printing as one of the most representative milestones.

Conference on the H2020 program

The 10th conference of the Framework Program for Research and Innovation of the European Union in Spain was held on November 20th. This conference was organized by CDTI and the European Commission, and was attended by more than 700 participants.

The objective was to analyze the Spanish participation in the program and to find ways to improve it. It was with this intention that Berta Gonzalvo was invited to participate as a speaker at the round table "achievements and opportunities". In her presentation Berta stated that "one of the lessons learned has been that the self-knowledge of your strengths helps you to concentrate on what has to be your goal, and that to achieve it you can only do it through excellence and talent".

In this conference we have also presented three posters on two European projects coordinated by the entity: The Barbara project, the Kraken project and the WinBoxTool project. All these projects are related to advanced manufacturing and digitalization in Industry 4.0 as well as the circular economy.

The electric motorcycle manufactured by 3D printing, in an exhibition to commemorate the Spanish constitution

On the XL anniversary of the Spanish Constitution, the Congress of Deputies and the Senate, in collaboration with the General State Administration has organised the celebration of different commemorative actions to transmit to society the economic, business, cultural and social industrialization occurred under the rule of the forty years of life of the Spanish Magna Carta.

Bike 3D pritning

Among the organized events it is the exhibition "Science and technology in democracy: 1978 - 2018" which is organized by the CDTI at the National Museum of Science and Technology and with official opneing on December 4th . In it we participate by providing the electric motorcycle manufactured by 3D printing technology at our facilities.

Exposición sobre Ciencia y Tecnología

This vehicle, designed and developed jointly with the EUPT BIKES team, was selected by the organization as an example of conjugation of facilitating technologies, advanced materials and the era of digitalization, and will be part of this exhibition together with another twenty samples from other entities.

A new and better material for 3D printing manufacturing

Rueda fdm fibra

We have recently updated the range of materials available for 3D pritning manufacturing, incorporating short carbon fiber, specifically Nylon 12CF. This thermoplastic, reinforced with 35% carbon fiber, has excellent structural characteristics, being the most rigid thermoplastic and one of the most resistant available in FDM technology. More information.

The purpose of Aitiip is to help companies overcome their technological challenges, generating new products and more efficient processes that contribute to economic growth and social sustainability.

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